Your Moving Into a New Apartment Will be More Easy

It’s no simple to find a great place. Even when you have finally landed the perfect one.

There’s still the inevitable stress that comes with packing up your entire life and transferring it to a new place. But with the right amount of effort, the outcome is totally worth it.
When the big move ma

kes you want to pull your hair out, keep in mind these 14 unsurpassable things about starting with a clean slate in your brand new place.

1. You never have to call your former slumlord again.
2. You have a whole new apartment to test D.I.Y. projects. Look out, Pinterest!
3. There’s a whole new neighborhood full of coffee shops and book stores for you to explore.
4. The toilet in your new apartment actually works.
5. You can finally say goodbye to your creepy Craigslist roommate.
You’ll definitely miss all those pranks he played on you …
6. You may be lucky enough to have neighbors that don’t blast dubstep at 7 a.m.
7. Packing materials will preoccupy your pet until your next move.
8. If you’re getting your own room, there’s no limit to what you can do with all that newfound privacy.
9. If you’re moving in with a friend, think of all the great activities you can do together.
10. And if you’re moving in with a significant other, get ready for more romantic dinners and bribing
11. You have an empty refrigerator just waiting for you to fill it with fresh, delicious groceries. Or beer!
12. You might finally have enough room for a full-sized bed.
13. Think of all the space your pet has to play now.
14. When moving in is all said and done, you can run a bath and relax in your new place.