This checklist are useful for your move

Keep the simple of your moving :

  • Make arrangements for pets and kids; it’s best, if possible, to keep them off-site and pick them up once the move (or at least its individual legs, if it’s long-distance) is complete.
  • Clear your schedule so you’re present for the entirety of the move; trying to be in two places at once can cause all sorts of delays and disasters, while being on site can alleviate them.
  • Compile important documents in advance to keep handy in case they’re needed.
  • Make it as obstacle-free as possible for the movers to do their job; reserve an elevator, secure a loading zone, and do what’s necessary to clear a path to the truck from your door.
  • Have drinking water and snacks on hand, particularly if the move is complex and it’s hot outside.
  • Keep a few extra boxes handy, plus a roll of tape and magic marker in case you forgot to empty a cabinet or drawer (or two, or three… hey, we’re all human, right?)
  • Be sure your boxes are clearly labeled with the room they should be delivered to, plus a basic listing of the contents inside, especially if you’ve done the packing yourself.
  • To save time and keep the setup process simple in the new place, mock up a basic map of where the furniture should go and share it with the movers. (Check out our recommendations on the best moving and floorplan apps if you want to do it digitally).
  • Do a sweep of the home you’re vacating and make sure the appliances and lamps you’re taking with you are unplugged with light bulbs removed. For entertainment centers and computers with advanced setups, take a photo of the wire configurations to make life easier when you’re hooking it all back up.
  • Hit the ATM before the movers arrive so you’re prepared with a tip when they’re finished ($20 per mover is standard if they’ve done a decent job; more is appropriate for exemplary work).
  • Have a kit prepared for your first night (or several days) in the new place.