How To Make Your New Place Like Your Home Before

what are the ways to make your new house like home? Whether you have your own new house or rental, whether this is your first house or apartment or not, these few simple tips will assist you in turning your new place into a more comfortable area that feels more like a home.

How To Make Your Place Feel Like Home

Take out all your favourite things: sheets, clothes, dining set, etc. and use them!

Start with the unpacking. Yes, it is important to open up first the essentials’ box, lay the bed, prepare some kitchen cutlery, plates and dishes, unpack the clothes as well. But try to find time as soon as you can to open up the boxes with photos and pictures in frames. Decorating your home with something that you know and enjoy will make you feel more comfortable with the place. Look for where to position pictures, paintings and mirrors. If you have a favourite table cloth, take it out; if you have a favourite dining set, water glass, belt, whatever – take it out and use it. Prepare from your luggage the things you enjoy the most and surround yourself with them. Got a favourite book? Then perhaps reading a bit before going to bed can also make you feel better, even if it is just a page or two. In other words, try to focus on the things you enjoy and the things that feel good in your home and among the things you usually do when you’re in your home. Making your house feel like home will be an easier task with much quicker results if you make an effort to concentrate more on the things that you enjoy from the household goods you’re moved, and the positive aspects of your new home. It may sound like a simple thing to do or you may be thinking it won’t do any work, but you’ve got nothing to lose if you try.

Next, once you’ve unpacked most of your home belongings, look for ways to make your house or flat more comfortable by adding some decoration to it. It could be little butterflies on your curtains, flower stickers on the kitchen cupboards, beautiful figurines on the shelves, etc. – just look for things that are colourful and/ or pretty and that you like, and think of where to position them in your new place.

At the same time, try to plan some activities to do for the whole family. If you stick together in this new experience of trying to make your new place feel a bit more like a home, you will be able to support each other and make the transition easier for everyone. May be you can sit together and discuss how to decorate each room, what colour new curtains to put in the kitchen, and what other new things to buy for your home and for the different rooms. Here are some simple ideas:

Take a pet for your new home. Get flowers, too. This will bring more coziness to your home.

  1. Put more decoration on the walls, especially if they are plain colour.
  2. You can get a pet – a cat, dog, turtle, etc. – it is all up to you.
  3. Repurpose wooden crates from the move – you can place them on the wall and use them as shelves in the attic or the basement.
  4. You can light some candles in the evening – natural light brings natural comfort.
  5. Find things for the corners to put – it could be a sculpture, a flower or just a vase.
  6. Place lights in the garden that you could turn on at night, or they could be with small photovoltaic panels and there will be no need for cables to run through electricity. Even simpler.
  7. Put a hammock or a swing in the yard. Or both.
  8. You can also put together an alcove or an arbour.
  9. Go out around your neighbourhood and see what you can find in the shops that you will like for your home. Improvise and keep your mind open to new ideas and things.
  10. Make a diary. Take a small notebook and every evening as you go to bed write down the things you enjoyed that happened through the day – it could be some great idea that occurred to you, a meal you had, getting somebody’s help in the unpacking process, an invitation for a new job interview, etc. Moving isn’t easy and as you try to focus on what you’ve managed to do just for a few minutes before going to bed, you will feel better.