Do you want to move in a new house


But if you are wanting to move how can you start to attract the right place to you? Here are some simple tips to get that powerful of your moving

1. De-clutter. It may sound obvious but if your closets and drawers are stuffed with things you no longer need or use they are ‘anchoring’ you down to your present address. Look around you. Do you really want to take all this stuff into your new home? Have a clear out, take the things you no longer need to a charity shop or sell them on eBay. If there are things you want to keep but you don’t use them that often start to pack them away. Not only will it make moving easier when the time comes it puts the universe on notice that you are serious in your intention to move house.

2. Choose your environment. What kind of home do you want to move to? Do you need more space because you’re thinking of working from home? Or do you need to downsize? What area would you like to live in? Look in magazines and on-line for photographs and make a vision board somewhere where you will look at it everyday. By fixing the vision of the kind of home you want in your mind you start to draw it to you.

3. Buy something new just for your new home. Buying something specifically to put in our new home is one of the most affirming and also powerful things we can do to draw our new home to us. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a lamp, some beautiful bedding, or a painting that you could just see taking pride of place in your new home. If so – don’t wait until you’ve found it. Go out and buy it NOW. Affirm that you have bought this to go in your new home. Don’t use it yet however. You can look at it whenever you want, each time affirming this is going in your new home. This sends out a powerful signal to the universe that you are ready to move as you are acting as if your new home is already a reality. Remember – our thoughts and then our actions create our reality!